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Here is one of our very satisfied patients who has gone through our non-surgical spinal decompression program. Although we do not guarantee results we are thrilled that he has seen what many of our patients have experienced. We are close to 100% successful for necks and about 85% for low backs! I like those odds!

"Your treatments have eliminated my frequent pressure headaches, improved my balance, and decreased my back pain level to over half of what it was before I became your patient. I now can sleep because of this. Three years of physical therapy never provided me with these improvements that I have experienced under your care in a few weeks' time.

I would recommend your treatments to everyone because your laser and adjustment treatments are more effective and less invasive. Since I suffer from osteoporosis and other age related ailments I cannot risk having the typical methods of treatment.

The vast improvement in the shortest period of time is unbelievable. Also the session are not long and tiring.

Your office environment and staff are very friendly."

- Lois G.

"I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, several compressed discs, arthritis. After a surgery 6 months ago I woke up with a numb thigh and deep nerve spasms. Medication didn't touch it. It was recommended that I have 6 months to yearly nerve ablations on my lumbar spine for an unknown amount of time. I turned to decompression. After 1 month of treatment which included laser therapy, my numbness has disappeared. Actually, as soon as I was treated with the ultra violet laser (1st treatment), the numbness was gone completely within 48hrs. I still have tingling sensation but I know it is healing and my treatments aren't over. I just had my 2nd treatment with the new laser today, so anxious to fee the results!

Decompression is most definitely worth the try over surgery! The benefits are non-invasive and I couldn't be happier. I am able to get up from reclining or sitting without stooping over with back pain and to have the feeling back in my leg after 6 months of misery has left me with a big smile on my face!"

- Kate O.

"After receiving decades of chiropractic care, I've finally found the best treatment for my conditions. Just two treatments of spinal decompression therapy and my lifelong tinnitus was reduced by 50%! Also, the numbness in my right hand is diminishing. Thank you, Natural Spine Solutions!"

- T. Drabant

"Dr. Wayne is a true professional with a wonderful heart and healing hands. He is caring and concerned and actually follows MRI imaging reports when he adjusts. I am very happy with his care."

- Ann Louise G.

"I came to Natural Spine Solutions after being told I would have to have injections to get rid of my back pain. Dr Wayne was great. I now am pain free."

- Wendi D.

"I am 1 inch taller since starting Spinal Decompression 9 ago! I had lost 2 inches during 30 years of increasing spasms. I have regained the energy I had lost to constant pain. I am delighted with my results and I will continue regular treatments to keep from returning to the “bad old days”."

- Ronnee M.

"Because of Dr. Wayne’s chiropractic adjustments and decompression sessions for my lower back it is now nearly pain free! Sound sleep and freedom from stabbing pain has given me a new lease on the rest of my life."

- Kate N.

"I am now back to my walking, yoga, Pilates and weight lifting, can take my car trips to visit grand-kids and elderly parents, and can generally say that I have my life back! This journey has been a true blessing!"

- Marybeth M.

"I recommend natural spine solutions to anyone looking for chiropractic care! I feel so much better after going for a few months, and I couldn't ask for a better chiropractor. He's honest and truly cares."

- Tiffany W.


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