Spinal Checkups in Coeur d’Alene ID

Spinal Checkups in Coeur d'Alene ID

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Have You Ever Had A Coeur d'Alene ID Spinal Checkup?

Most people know, whether they’ve had chiropractic treatment in Coeur d'Alene ID or not, that the condition of the spine plays an essential role in our health maintenance.

It seems we pay more attention to our vehicles maintenance than we do our bodies. We take the car in for a tune up, keep it tuned and cleaned, but how often do we take our bodies in for a tune up? We sometimes pay more attention to our skin than our organs and some of us have been known to pay more attention to the outside of our cars than the motor under the hood!

How Do I Know if I Need a Chiropractic Checkup?

When you think about it our skeletal structure is what our bodies are built upon. It’s the framework, it supports and distributes the weight of everything else. When a house is built the foundation is laid and then the frame is raised before the next phrase of construction takes place.

While considering whether to see a Chiropractor for a checkup you can make some simple observations about yourself or a family member which will tell you why seeing a chiropractor could prove to be a smart move. These are not the only signs that a chiropractic alignment should be sought, but they are ones more easily seen by the layman.

Check Your Spine For Possible Wear & Tear:

Survey your body and look for the following clues that may indicate that you need to get an adjustment.

Visual Signs:

  • One hip may be low making the other hip appear to be hiked;
  • One leg may be shorter than the other; this would cause a limp and therefore wear and tear will be greater on the other side of the body;
  • Uneven wear on your shoes is a sure sign of the body being out of alignment;
  • One shoulder may be higher than the other;
  • The head could be tilted to one side;

What role does the Central Nervous System play in our health and how does it relate to the Spinal Column?

“90% of the stimulation & nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.”
Dr. Roger Sperry (Awarded the Nobel Prize)

The spinal cord is essentially a neural pathway. Messages or impulses come from the brain to the body and that impulse is passed from neuron to neuron through junctions called synapses. The process of passing the information to its final destination continues until the message is delivered to the rightful recipient like an organ, a gland, or a muscle. Coming to understand even a little of the mechanics of how the spine works and all that it does to keep us healthy and strong is extraordinary.

When you consider the importance of the central nervous system you have to think that it must be very protected as it’s our link to life or death. It is a very protected, if not the most protected part of our anatomy. The spine would be hollow were it not for the fact that it houses much of the central nervous system. It protects and virtually encases it within a fortress of vertebrae.

The Spinal Cord Cannot Heal Itself

Taking care of your spine is imperative if you are to enjoy good health. The reason the spinal cord can’t heal itself is because some of the cells in the central nervous system are so complex and assigned to very specific tasks so that they cannot regenerate.

If you injure your skin it will regenerate new cells and heal itself; you can even break a leg and your body will regenerate the needed cells and heal the break.

Some of the cells in the spinal cord do not have the capacity to regenerate. It is not capable of doing that; taking care or our spines, keeping it in perfect alignment and ensuring its flexibility is without a doubt the best way to ensure our healthy happiness!


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